Duration: 14 minutes and 59 seconds

Country: Denmark
Language: English
License: CC – Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives
Genre: Documentary
Producer: Magic Hour Films in coproduction with Mouka Filmi, Atmo, Film I Vaest
Director: Michael Madsen
Views: 4,414 (1,279 embedded)
Posted by: tinaki on May 16, 2011

A documentary film on nuclear waste produced/ directed with the support of the Danish Film Institute, Eurimaces, Finnish Film Foundation, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Swedish Film Institute, Avek. It’s about what happens to everyday nuclear waste, the kind that comes from fueling nuclear power plants. Enter Onkalo, a nuclear waste vault being blasted out of solid bedrock in remote Finland. Once finished, filled and sealed, it’s supposed to keep radioactive refuse removed from the environment for 100,000 years. But what happens if a curious archaeologist stumbles upon our ‘pyramid’ at its half time or before?


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